Monday, November 19, 2012

So Long, Farewell, auf Wiedersehen, Adieu...

I think the first sign was when I noticed about seven drafts of half-written posts that I never got to finishing.  Just sitting there. Waiting.
Or the times I had to put off playing with my young children because I was fixing or finishing something on the blog.  Mommy just needs five more minutes of staring at this computer screen and then I'll be present...
Then there were all the super cool crafts or recipes I made and wanted to share, but just didn't get around to taking photographs.  Let alone the perfect photographs with lighting and graphics.  I mean, seriously, who can keep up? 
Long story short, turns out this blogging business takes up more time than I have to give.  Turns out creating artsy things for my home and recipes for my family is reward enough and writing, photographing and posting them to the blogosphere kinda takes the fun out of it.
So...My blog will stay up, but I'll no longer be posting.  You'll still find me on EtsyFacebook and Pinterest.  If you're local you'll see me at many of the craft shows around town.  But for now, I bid adieu to the blog. 
Thank you for reading, following and supporting my endeavor. 
Happiest of holidays to you all!