Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Whew...It's been a whirlwind two weeks traveling around the Pacific Northwest visiting family and friends.  We took a few day trips and explored the cutest little towns and harbors.  One area that was completely new to me is the Boise-Eliot district in Portland, Oregon.  

Uber-hip, this neighborhood has all the trends covered: vintage clothing stores on wheels, food trucks, artisinal ice cream, CSAs and modern traditional toy stores.  If you ever get to Portland, hop the MAX and spend the afternoon browsing through this unique neighborhood.  

First stop, Ruby Jewel for a scoop of chevre pine-nut brittle, honey lavender or whatever funky flavor is the ice cream du jour.

If you're into vintage clothing, be sure to pop in Lodekka or Wanderlust for treasures.  Wouldn't it be a dream owning a little mobile shop like this?

And if Lodekka is every vintage mama's dream then SpielWerk Toys is every child's.  Each toy in the shop was high quality, classic and natural.  The front of the shop features a play area, although my kids loved exploring the store too.  Any knight, pirate or cooking fans out there?  Huge assortment!

Imagine the Anthropologie home decor section on crack combined with a sweet flower stand.  That's Ink & Peat.  My favorite little shop on the street.  Yes, we braved this with three kids.  No, we did not break a single item.  

An entire store dedicated to salt and chocolate?  Of course!  This is Portland.

If you're traveling on foot like we were, you're probably ready to kick back with a beer or hard cider and let the kids run free in the garden or play area (play area in a brew pub - love!) at Hopworks Urban Brewery.  Be sure and try the warm, salty pretzels with cheese dip.  You'll be so glad you did.

Couple of other spots to check out: 

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