Thursday, May 24, 2012

Vintage Hankie Banner Tutorial

Treasures were abounding at Junk in the Trunk's Vintage Market earlier this month.  My friends and I walked away with all sorts of treasures (you can read more here).  My favorite finds were these vintage hankies.  Soft cotton, lace and crocheted trim, sweet embroidery and time-worn colors.

I wanted to use them in a banner and place, as a valance of sorts, over the plantation-shuttered windows in my daughter's room.  They started off with a good laundering and ironing, then I laid them out until I found the arrangement that looked best.

After pondering different ways to string them together, I decided, in the end, to simply double them over into triangles and tie them by the corners.  If you choose a hankie that is trimmed with vintage lace, it helps to sandwich it between plain cotton hankies.  That way you can pull harder on the plain cotton one and not damage the fragile lace of the other.

It was hard for me to get a complete photo of them hanging over the sunny window (I'm not as adept with the digital camera just yet), but the result was whimsical and vintage and sweet.  Just right for a little girl's room!

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