Thursday, March 8, 2012

Book Page Canvas & Gallery Wall

This idea isn't new and has been all over the blogosphere, but thought I would share my take on it.  It's a super easy project that takes very little time.  It also inspired me to create a gallery wall in our entryway.  A very impromptu afternoon!

old book from thrift store
12x12 canvas
Elmer's glue spray
Mod Podge
paint brush

Tear some pages from the book and lay them out on the canvas.  I tried to find pages with fun titles and cover up the page numbers.

Gently slide the pages off (to remember your layout) and add them back one at a time with the glue spray.  Fold the edges over as you go.  Then, using the paint brush, apply a thin coat of Mod Podge.  At this point your canvas and book pages will look really wrinkly and you'll think it's headed for the trash, but don't dump it yet!  Let it sit over night and dry and all the bubbles and wrinkles will disappear. 

Take your embellishment of choice and add it using hot glue gun.  I used a moss-covered H to represent our last name.  You may remember it from this tutorial I did awhile back. 

I didn't really have a good spot to hang this piece, so I decided to take down the large wall art in our entryway and turn it in to a gallery wall.  I pulled random art, frames, mirrors and family photos from all around the house.  It's a rather large wall so I plan to add to it over time.  Everything has a meaning and memory attached and some pieces I had nearly forgotten about until I started rummaging around in cupboards.

This vintage paint-by-numbers came from a local thrift store and I painted the frame cream.  I love the colors and the fact that you can't see the woman's face.  Her age and identity are a mystery.

I discovered this vintage botanical print in a round gold frame at an antique store in Idaho when I was there on business years ago.

My husband found this horseshoe and knew it would be something I'd love.  I wrapped a canvas in natural linen and attached the horseshoe with some glue.

This print came from Gus and Lula on Etsy.  They have many sweet and simple prints to choose from and you can customize the background color and texture.

I bought this water color mail print at a boutique in Los Angeles when visiting a friend about 10 years ago.

This pencil sketch of three birds is another local thrift shop find.  I often wonder who drew this, their age, gender, intent.  Was it a teenage boy doing it for a school art class or an retired woman working in her backyard?



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