Monday, January 30, 2012

Love Actually

I'm fond of Valentine's Day so I thought I would share the love.

When Target's Christmas ornaments went to 90% off I scored a bunch of red felt hearts.  A set of three for a mere 10 cents.  I strung them on some hemp twine and it looked pretty sweet, but I wanted this garland to be a statement piece.  Like a big chunky necklace to pair with your little black dress. 

I added some white pom trim and tied on strips of burlap. Then used sheer gold ribbon to tie on music sheet cones that had been embellished with red glitter hearts and stuffed with raffia.  As a finishing touch I used a little wood clothespin to clip on a vintage red and white 3 for 25 cents (kisses that is) sign.  The whole bit was tied together with some little red metal pails from the Target $1 section - although even those were 50% off because they were considered Christmas.  Score!

A few other ideas to try in February...

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Betty Crocker
Martha Stewart

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