Tuesday, October 25, 2011

JAM Fest in Old Town

A peppy brunette in a colorful apron is helping to fluff tutus, admire customers' goods and demonstrate floral hair ties, while at the same time greeting newcomers with a down-to-earth, "Hey ya'll, so glad you came today!"

This was my first introduction to Shauna at JAM.  This gal is a pure dynamo committed to building and bringing together a community of indie crafters.  JAM is a charming historic bungalow filled to the brim with one-of-a-kind pieces of art, clothing, jewelry, accessories and vintage craft materials.  Besides being an artisan's boutique, JAM functions as a creative venue hosting art classes, trunk shows, live bands and social events.  Before even setting foot inside, you can feel it's a magical place.   

It was a joy watching this young woman from Louisianna, so dedicated to providing what Scottsdale so desperately is lacking: a fun, funky creative co-op of sorts.  My mind was spinning with admiration and inspiration.  I can barely wait to book class at JAM and check out one of their JAMMIN On the Porch music nights.  (Curious what JAM means?  Me too.  Turns out J and M are her brothers' initials.  Aww...)




  1. Thanks for spreading the JAM <3

  2. Wish I could jet down to Scottsdale for some shopping!

  3. I sooo love this Shauna Jean Kupetz!! I'm soo proud to call her my longest running friend! She makes me so proud!! I wish I had half of her enthusiam for life!
    Great blog entry!!

  4. I too am dreaming of the day when I can book it down to AZ for lots of JAM!!