Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fabric Velvet Pumpkin Tutorial

Have you seen the super soft velvet pumpkins with real dried pumpkin stems that are going around the blogosphere?  I've ogled over them for ages.  Pretty and understated for fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving decorating.  I purchased two a few years ago, but at $30 and up for the little suckers I was hoping to get a hold of some dried stems and make more myself.

Lucky for me, my friend Erin from The Lemonista has a family farm in Washington (and a mutual craving for these pumpkins).  So for the last year she's had her mom save up the dried stems and then carefully brought them back home to Arizona with her this summer.

Erin and I had a craft day last weekend and whipped out a whole patch of pumpkins.  They are so stinkin' cute all smushed and nestled up together.  For my pumpkins, I chose natural cotton, chocolate linen, wool herringbone and velvet. Nearly any fabric will work - choose whatever screams "fall" to you.

To make these pumpkins you will need:
heavy duty thread
fabric of your choice
dried beans (I used navy)
glue gun
circular object for pattern (like a plate)
disappering ink pen

First, trace around the plate using the disappearing ink pen.  You'll be surprised how a large circle will still result in a fairly small pumpkin.  For the largest pumpkin we used an 11 inch diameter plate.  Cut out your circle. 

Using the needle and thread, make a long stitch around the edge, cinching it as you go. 

Fill with beans first, then some polyfill for on top.  Cinch it tight, thread your needle through the pleats and across the opening a few times to secure and then tie it closed. 

Glue the dried stem to the top of your pumpkin making sure it covers the opening.  You may need to smoosh the stem down into the pumpkin and hold it firmly until the glue dries completely.  The crazier the stem the better!

Hope this inspires you (and a friend) to make a few of these cuties for your home this fall.
Check out Erin's colorful patch of velvet pumpkins at The Lemonista.


  1. These are really cute. Thanks for sharing the steps!

  2. I haven't seen these around...they are gorgeous! I like your fabric choices too.