Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Creating a Special Place

When my friend moved a couple of years ago, her oldest daughter, Ava, was transitioning from nursery to big girl bedroom.  Out went the crib and rocking chair and in came the day bed and surfer girl bedding.  Her new room is spacious and colorful, but one thing my friend struggled with was an odd-shaped sunken nook inside the wall.  It was the wrong design to use as a bookshelf and too low for a display shelf. 

It sat empty and then last week during a playdate we talked about covering it with a curtain and making it a little nook just for Ava.  A special place to read, hide, put on puppet shows or rest. 

I found some pink fabric that coordinated well with her patchwork surfer bedding and green walls.  Sewed a simple curtain, slid it on a tension rod and voila!  A special place.  I used the remnants to make two small pillows.  Each pillow is embellished with a green Itty Bitty.  In the center of the Itty Bitty is a fabric-covered button stamped with a lower case "a" for Ava. 

Toss in a fuzzy blanket, add a clip-on light inside and she has a very special place all her own.  Kinda wish I had a hideout like that!