Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vintage Foot Stool Makeover

I've always loved antique shopping and estate sales.  Phoenix metro area has a few small antique "zones", but it's a relatively new and growing city so for the most part they're hard to come by.  However, a month or so ago our community had its annual garage sale and I hit the streets.  No real gems, although I did stumble across this footstool for $5 and have been spending a little time making it my own.

I have never reupholstered anything in my life, except covering simple chair bottoms with a staple gun.  I wasn't quite sure how to tackle the nailheads, but ended up removing them with a flathead screw driver and pliers. 

It took awhile and some were bent, but others I salvaged and are perfect on my bulletin board.  I love their patina against the light linen.

Next up, a good coat of black spray paint and some natural, nubby cotton fabric.  Maybe even a monogram or stripes?  Stay tuned...

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