Saturday, May 28, 2011

Petal Pusher Available at Moonbeams

If you're a mom in Scottsdale, you probably know about Moonbeams.  If not, you should! 

In 2005 three sisters opened Moonbeams in hopes of creating a warm, friendly boutique offering bedding, sleep aids and room decor for infants and children.  They have succeeded!  

Moonbeams has a huge selection of unique, high quality clothing, gifts and accessories.  They also hold wellness seminars and partner with experts in the field to support and educate parents on topics like nutrition, discipline, safety, brain development and infant massage.  It's this sense of community and caring that makes Moonbeams so special.

Now at Moonbeams you can find a fresh and funky assortment of Petal Pusher Accessories! 
Pop in soon and say hello to Karen, Debbie & Maureen at Moonbeams.

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