Thursday, April 28, 2011

Work Space Reveal

It's been a little over a month since we moved and we're very happily settled.  Most of the new furniture has arrived, contractors have finished and we gave the okay on the backyard design yesterday.  Having a dedicated work space for Petal Pusher has made life more organized and I'm all about organization.

Most would agree that a flat screen TV doesn't do much for creativity.  But when there are mindless tasks at hand, like cutting out patterns or lengths of ribbon, it's nice to watch a little Oprah at the same time, right?

I definitely need some suggestions on what do put on the wall to the left of the TV.  Right now my top pick is this wall organizer from Pottery Barn.  Fill it with jars of buttons, embellishments, inspirational pieces...Your thoughts?

 This Crate & Barrel table used to be in our kitchen, I removed the leaf and two additional chairs and am dealing with the shape for now.  Eventually I'd like to get a rectangular table that fits flush against the wall like this one at Pottery Barn.  The seat cushions are from Ballard Designs.

I knew from the get-go that I wanted a wire tiered rack of some sort to display Petals.  When I spotted this turquoise one at Marshall's Homegoods I literally bolted across the aisles to claim it (because I'm certain so many other shoppers that day were looking for a tall turquoise tiered rack!?).

This tray holds random items.  My favorite being the tiny zinc planter used as a business card holder.  I snatched up all eleven of them when I saw them sitting on the clearance shelf of a local boutique for only 99 cents.

I'm sharing the room with the kiddos since it doubles as our playroom, but so far so good.  Eventually we may turn the couch to face the TV and act as more of a divider, but for now it's fine.

My son's room is about the same size as the playroom so we can easily move the train table in there when I host Petal Pusher or Magnolia Market events.  Highly recommend the toy storage bins peeking out on the right.  They're from Land of Nod.

 These PB bookshelves used to be in our office (we still have another set and the matching desk in there).  Kids get the bottom two shelves for musical instruments and books.

Large glass bottles and canvas buckets from PB.  Vintage wire locker basket from Etsy.  Aqua mason jars from local antique shops, poured cement frog from garden shop in Seattle.

This basket holds more fabric and felt

Jars hold scraps for button covers and finished headbands.  The large jar came from a thrift store and I covered the rim with hemp rope.
The large closet with built-ins stores all the not-so-cute-but-essential stuff and fabric, as well as all the kids' crafts and games.  Couldn't get too many good shots of the closet interior, but here's one shelf...

The wall of windows lets in lots of Arizona sunshine and frames the big trees out front (pardon the photo quality).  I love that the house had plantation wood shutters throughout when we moved in.  I can close the bottom half at night for more privacy.

And that's it folks...Thank you for joining me on the tour!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

More Funky Blooms Popping Up

More one-of-a-kind Funky Blooms in bright colors perfect for spring and summer!
Our Shop was just updated with lots of new products...More coming...

If you live in Arizona, don't miss Petal Pusher at the main entrance of the Highlands Church Shopping Escape

Saturday, April 30, 2011
9050 E Pinnacle Peak Road
Scottsdale, Arizona 85255

Shopping Escape will feature tons of craft, jewlery and specialty items and coincides with the Highlands Car & Bike Show.  There will be a live band, food, giveaways, and a Kids Korral with face painting, bouncies and more - so bring the whole family! 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New Textural Headbands

These Textural Headbands are such a joy to make.  Each one is unique with a very vintage feel.
Guaranteed to make any outfit special.

Textural Headbands are made from an assortment of high quality materials:
Tulle, silk, satin, velvet, netting, feathers, beads, pearls...

As with all of Petal Pusher items, we offer free custom orders and can make textural headbands to compliment any color palette or designer outfit.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Guest Blogging - Black Bean Soup

Another Meatless Monday guest blogging post at Apples to Zucchini
This time it's a zesty Black Bean Soup.  Check it out!

Michael McNamara/The Arizona Republic

Monday, April 11, 2011

Free Custom Orders

Did you know Petal Pusher offers free custom orders?

For no additional charge we'll customize any item to your color palette or theme.
School Uniforms
Team Colors
Mommy & Me

A recent custom headband order...
Vintage Sweetie

Friday, April 8, 2011

Funky Blooms

Funky Blooms are the size of a Mini Petal, but flatter and, well, funkier.

 Each Funky Bloom comes with a pin and alligator clip, just like our Petals.
They are hand-crafted and each one is unique, just like you.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bloomin' Bobby Pins

One look at these bobby pins and you know it's official...Spring is here! 
Each Bloomin' Bobby Pin is hand-crafted with high quality cotton fabric and accented with a resin embellishment.

No two are alike
Limited quantity

Just in time for the warmer weather when you need the hair out of your face.
Do it in style with these fresh one-of-a-kind bobby pins.

Come see the Bloomin' Bobby Pins in person
April 30 at the Highlands Church Shopping Escape.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Petal Pusher at Highlands Church Shopping Escape

If you live in Arizona, come see us at Highlands Church for their Shopping Escape. 

Saturday, April 30, 2011
9050 E Pinnacle Peak Road
Scottsdale, Arizona 85255

Shopping Escape will feature craft, jewlery and specialty items and coincides with the Highlands Car & Bike Show.  There will be a live band, food, giveaways, and a Kids Korral with face painting, bouncies and more - so bring the whole family! 

Look for the Petal Pusher & Thirty One booth right outside the main entrance.

Tons of new summer styles!  Itty Bitty Caps, Clippy Sets and Petals...

Perfect time to pick up a Mother's Day or teacher gift and enjoy this gorgeous spring weather!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pottery Barn Moss Letters - Tutorial

Today I was browsing Pottery Barn's website to check out the latest spring offerings and what did I see, but a moss-covered initial "just like the one I made two days ago!" (I shouted my excitment waving the catalog as my 2 and 3 year olds stared at me blankly).

Live Moss Letters
Live Moss Letters from Pottery Barn

I found the chipboard H in the scrapbook section at Hobby Lobby for $1-2 and thought of covering it in the flat moss sheets for spring.  Got the SuperMoss Instant Green Moss Cloth sheets for $9 at JoAnn's and only used 1/4 of it for this project.

I just trimmed the moss around the letter, leaving about 1/4-1/2" extra, then folded it over and attached with my trusty glue gun.

Now granted, Pottery Barn's letters are 18" high and mine is only 8.5" high, but the PB version also runs $80 a pop.  Heck, for the cost of my version I could spell our entire last name (it's a long one too) and still be way under $80.  Wow...I'm feeling pretty smart!

Why not try making your own moss initial or a sweet word like...


Friday, April 1, 2011

Woody, Buzz and The Lemonista

I just had to share this truly amazing cake The Lemonista made for my daughter's 2nd birthday party.  The Little Miss has been obsessed with Jessie, Woody and Buzz since she saw Toy Story 3 in the theater.  I know, I know, she was kinda young for movie-going when it came out, but she sat still through the entire movie and the fascination was born.  In fact, some of her first words were Woody, Jessie and Buzz.

When Erin asked what to get Little Miss for her birthday I replied with my usual answer...Please, no more toys!  And she kindly offered up a homemade Toy Story cake as a birthday gift.  These are not just any ol' homemade cakes, I mean they are right up there with the most fantastical Cake Boss creations (and taste yummy too).  Take a look at some of the jaw-dropping awesomeness she's created for her childrens' past birthday parties...

3D rubber ducky with iridescent bubbles and bar of soap
Garden with flowers, insects, veggies of every size and color, moist soil and white picket fence
Octopus for the "Under the Sea with Hello Kitty" theme
The day of the party Erin arrived early ready to assemble the masterpiece...A 3D replica of Andy's bed (made pink and customized for Little Miss) complete with perfectly posed toys from the movie.  She managed to find every character - even the walking binoculars and Bo Peep!  The headboard had sweet iridescent roses and bows and the pillows had ruffle trim.

The "real" Buzz zoomed in for an appearance, but by far the highlight was the beautiful cake.
Thanks, Erin, for your patience, generosity, thoughtfulness and creativity!