Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy Easter, Egg

Do you hide real eggs or fake?  Growing up we always hardboiled our eggs and dyed them the night before Easter.  Then, early in the morning, my mom and dad the Easter Bunny would hide them.  Fake eggs were used in our Easter baskets and the real eggs were pitched and never eaten.

My husband loves deviled eggs so when we stumbled upon this gadget while registering for our wedding years ago we just had to have it.  Drop this hard resin "egg" in to the boiling water with the real eggs and it changes color (like a mood ring, remember those?) to show you when the eggs are done.  Genius!  

Egg Timer
Crate & Barrel $4.95
When your eggs are ready, gently scoop them out with a slotted spoon and rinse in cold water (this makes removing the shell easier), then place in the fridge to cool. 

My favorite way to eat hardboiled eggs? 
Over a paper towel with sea salt while standing at the kitchen island. 

Next to a banana, an egg may be the best hand-held, whole snack food out there.

Have a Hoppy Easter, everyone!


  1. That's funny... we always saved our eggs from the hunt and ate them! Maybe not the best idea. Does the Easter Bunny come to your house? What kind of traditions have you started with your kids?

  2. The Easter bunny delivers baskets to our house and nibbles on the carrots we leave out the night before. We're not big on tchotchkes so we like the Easter bunny to leave just a few things like art supplies, new summer sunglasses and lip balm. And of course...Peeps! We've continued a tradition with my husband's family of a sunrise hike. Followed with an Easter brunch. My step-mother-in-law makes the most amazing layered torte. Thin slices of red potato, herbs, egg, turkey and cheese within a thin soft flaky crust. Mmm! We have an egg hunt there too. Pretty laid back, but very anticipated, traditions.