Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Favorite Things for Kids

Other moms are the best source of information for anything kid-related.  I always turn to my friends for suggestions on doctors, schools, sports programs, clothes, shoes...You name it!
Thought you might enjoy seeing my current list of favorite things for kiddos.

A week or so ago my husband and I had *had* it with the leaky sippy cup situation.  In one fell swoop we decided to ditch them for good and switch to regular cups.  While it has been a little messy, it's been much easier than dealing with those gurgling, leaking sippy cups (shudder).  Staying hydrated is important and even more so for us desert dwellers, so for on-the-go drinks my son and daughter use these BPA-free CamelBak water bottles.  They are a bit more expensive than sippies, but the fact that they do not leak won out over price.  Cute designs too!
CamelBak Kids' Bottle - REI $14
Both of my kids have curly hair, but my daughter's is downright kinky.  We get lots of comments on it and I agree it sure is darling, but it's also high maintenance! 
Curly girl at the beach last summer
Twice a day (in the morning and after nap) I spray Circle of Friends Pia's Pineapple Detangler throughout, comb out and let air dry.  This results in yummy smelling ringlets rather than knots and gnarls.  Then I pop in a Mini Petal or Clippy and we're good to go! 
Circle of Friends Pia's Pineapple Detangler
These jeans from Old Navy are the cutest for girls under $20.  In fact, if you buy two pair they are only $12 each!  I love the flared leg, pink stitching and sailor-style buttons at the pockets.  I think these are the only jeans I have ever bought for my daughter.
Double-Button Boot Cut Jeans
It's so refreshing stumbling on a product that is just basic, good ol' fashioned fun.  Eeboo games are just that.  Simple designs and bright colors that attract parents and kids alike.  Fantastic paper dolls, matching games and puzzles.  They also have cool journals for young writers.
eeBoo Playing Cards - Color Go Fish --eeBoo Elodie & Naomi Musician & Artist Paper Doll Set  eeBoo MGLOE Life on Earth Matching Game
Okay, now this next toy and I have a bit of a love-hate relationship.  Much more love than hate though.  My son spends hours using his imagination (love, love, love) and then we spend hours cleaning up all the itty bitty parts (not really lovin' that part).  Playmobil has been around for years and with good reason.  From pirates, to fire department crews to knights and horse shows, each "set" allows for creative play and helps with fine motor skills.  My son got this castle for Christmas and it's amazing...Until little sister tries to sit inside it, but that's another story.
What are some of your favorite things for kids?

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  1. I 2nd the camelback water bottles! We have two. My daughter takes one to school every day. I got mine at Target for $14. Pricey but worth every penny ;-)