Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Let's Get a Move On

We are moving!!
While I am thrilled about our new home's floor plan, upgrades and location to the park...
I am most excited about having my own Petal Pusher nook and creative space.  I am an organizational freak, so having a work station with plenty of storage and space is heaven.on.earth.

My vision for the new space consists of storage shelving with lots of baskets, jars and bins of colorful material and embellishments on display. 

Fabrics neatly folded in vintage locker baskets...
Spools of ribbon snuggled together on wall rods...
Reloved Rubbish

PE Collection Double Wall Pocket
Ballard Designs
Shabby Cottage Chalkboard in Painted Carved Antique Frame - Chic
Royal Oak Cottage on Etsy

Pottery Barn
A work table with room for two, so we can sit and design your custom orders. 
Not a bad spot for my new sewing machine either...

Crate and Barrel
A neutral, calming palette that allows the colorful Petals to speak for themselves. 
Pulling cream, black, grey and taupe together with these chair cushions...
Ballard Chair Cushion - Eva Pewter
Ballard Designs
This will also be an area where I can host Petal Pusher parties each season to show off the new fabric selections and styles.  Definitely need a cute mirror for trying on the Petals and a
cozy loveseat so friends can mingle.

Honey Brunch
Pottery Barn
 I've already been antique shopping with The Lemonista to hunt down some
cute storage accessories like these mason jars.

Source unknown

Leafy Treetop Spot

Stay tuned for the reveal...Oooo this is just so exciting!

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  1. that organized desk is AMAZING! Lord, you should see my desk...actually--strike that--I should pay you to come help me organize my desk.