Friday, February 25, 2011

Bonne Maman

I have been using Bonne Maman Preserves for years.  It's a daily stand-by in the morning on my whole wheat buttered toast or for the kids' PB&J.  It is the closest thing to homemade preserves I can find on the average grocery store shelf.  

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Despite my green tendencies and having it front and center in our fridge for years, it finally dawned on me (while cleaning it out to recycle) that I should repurpose the jar for my Petal-making supplies.  Definitely an aha moment...or maybe more of a duh! moment. 

Just look at all the different uses for these sweet little jam jars...

Iron Chef Shellie
I Heart Linen

I Heart Linen

Right now I'm using mine for holding glue sticks...

As I eat more jam gather more, the possibilities are endless.  Perfect for holding Petal Pusher embellishments or keeping my favorite treat (dark chocolate-covered cranberries) nearby. 

What would you use a Bonne Maman jar for?


  1. We use our collection (also the empty jars from our homemade jam) to drink out of! I have so enjoyed this blog! Thanks laurel!!

  2. Makes me want to run out and buy some Bonne Maman jam so that I can re-purpose the jar!

  3. So clever, Laurel! Look how cute those jars look for storage.

  4. heheh!! you made me smile! i realized i'm not the only one that keeps all bonne maman jars for other purposes! i keep my hairpins, sea shells.. and all types of spices i can! :)